Priya Shukla

Shellfish Aquaculture in a Changing Ocean



FORBES Science | Oceans and Climate change

I am currently a contributor for Forbes Science, where I write about topical ocean science concerns. 


As part of my Imagining America Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) Fellowship, I was invited to write about the philosophy that underlies my public scholarship efforts concerning social justice and climate change.

Bay Nature | "Revisionist Natural History"

I wrote an article for Bay Nature about the need to make natural history more inclusive of cultures beyond the traditional stories of European colonizers and settlers.

The conversation | "Stand up for science: More researchers now see engagement as a crucial part of their job"

I co-authored an edited conversation with Drs. Chelsea Rochman, Tessa Hill, and Susan Williams about how public scholarship has changed across different scientific generations. 

RAPID ECOLOGY | "Kelp Forests are the Canaries on the Coastline"

I was invited to write a post about the utility of kelp forests as indicators of environmental change.

union of Concerned scientists | "Make Public Engagement a Professional Priority"

I was invited to write a post for the Union of Concerned Scientists blog about the need for academics to publicly engage to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and a scientifically-informed democracy.

MEDIUM | "The Prosaic Mosaic"

I run a blog on Medium,The Prosaic Mosaic, which highlights marginalized academics as well as social, political, and institutional issues that affect them.

Two of the articles from this blog have been syndicated on The Aerogram:

Related: I maintain a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion reading list on Medium that I update as I find and read articles of relevance.

MEDIUM | "Scientific service — for culture and community"

I co-authored an edited conversation with Dr. Sarah Myhre about the use of a science as a pubic service during an era of political turmoil. 

Hill Biogeochemistry Lab | "Happy 50th Birthday, Bodega marine Lab!"

I wrote a blog post celebrating the 50th anniversary of UC Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory | "Forests of the sea"

I wrote a piece for the San Diego State University Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory newsletter about my Master's research concerning the role of kelp forests in the ocean carbon cycle.