Priya Shukla

Shellfish Aquaculture in a Changing Ocean


Media Appearances

Devin Yalkin | Mother Jones

Devin Yalkin | Mother Jones

MOTHER JONES | "It’s the End of the World as They Know It: The distinct burden of being a climate scientist"

On THE MEDIA, WNYC | The Psychological Toll of Working as a Climate Scientist"

In both of these pieces, I shared some of the challenges I face as someone who studies climate change for a living.


A few of my science communication efforts were highlighted in a Scholars Strategy Network “Scholar Spotlight” feature.

Ecological Society of America Student Section | "Science in Progress Podcast"

I was invited on the Science in Progress podcast to discuss my experience applying to graduate school while serving as the BOAR Lab Manager and how I hope to channel lessons learned as a technician into my graduate school experience.

Times Standard | "Humboldt Bay hosts ‘Burke-o-Lator’ to measure effects of ocean acidification on shellfish, eelgrass"

I was featured in an article about a new instrument (the "Burke-O-Lator") that was installed at the Hog Island Oyster Company in Humboldt Bay, California to measure seawater chemistry in real time.

Ecological Society of American Communication & Engagement | "#MyScicomm"

"Priya Shukla on sharing the stories of marginalized scientists" - I was featured in this ESA series to discuss my blog, The Prosaic Mosaic, which is one of my efforts to normalize diversity in science.

500 Women scientists | "Meet A Scientist"

"Science is a Public Good" - I was spotlighted by 500 Women Scientists to discuss my perspective that science should be seen as a public commodity and the role for scientists as public scholars.

New York Times | "Meet 3 Scientists Ready to March"

In advance of the 2017 March for Science, I participated in a New York Times 360 video triptych of early-career female scientists discussing their reasons for entering science and participating in the March.

Splinter News | "Here are the voices of women who couldn't strike"

I was featured in a Splinter News article about the "Day Without A Woman Protest" on March 8, 2017 discussing why I was unable to strike and the privilege that comes with such a protest.

Femmes of STEM Podcast | "How Dare a Woman"

I was invited on the Femmes of STEM podcast, to discuss the work of Rachel Carson, the injustices she faced as a female scientist and public scholar, and the parallels between her battles with corporate science in the 1960s and ours today.