Priya Shukla

Shellfish Aquaculture in a Changing Ocean


I am a PhD Student and Sustainable Oceans NRT Fellow at UC Davis working with Dr. Jackson Gross to study how climate change affects shellfish aquaculture operations within the coastal ocean.

I am currently a contributor for Forbes, where I write about ocean science.


I am a RELENTLESS ADVOCATE for diversity, equity, and inclusion. I work within academia and at its boundaries to increase the visibility of marginalized communities inside and outside of science.



I am an ARDENT COMMUNICATOR of the challenges our society must overcome to combat environmental change and social injustice. I engage locally to innovate solutions for human-driven climate change across multiple facets of society.

With  ~40% of the world's population living withing 60 miles of a coastline, it is critical that we understand how communities that rely on the ocean and invaluable natural resources therein, will be impacted by climate change.